Steve Andersen, Jeff Winsor, Dan Boddicker and Kevin Simnacher Ratler with Mike Clair With Kari Skogman and Tim Weidman New Name: Big Spender
Shellsburg Homecoming Battle at the FIVE SEASONS CENTER Ratler with Tim on guitar Ratler with Gene Mealhow




Kevin's latest project is called "Window of Opportunity". Kevin sings his own songs this time around. Collaborating with old "Fighter" bandmate Mark Pence who produced the first three songs, and Kevin trying his hand at producing the rest of the album. Check out the album's progress at!

July 2011 - Dan Boddicker starts a new chapter in his life with a a second marriage to Maureen Sorenson and re-location to Wyoming.

"Harvey Headbanger" was Kevin's last band up 'til about April 15 of 2011. Kraig "Wildcat" Spratt on drums, Rick Von Lienen a.k.a. "HARVEY" on guitar and lead vocals, and Dave Calhoun on Bass.

Harvey Headbanger wrote and recorded an 8 song CD that was released on April 15, 2011. You can get a copy from iTunes or

Below: Photos from Friday Jan. 8 gig - Ex-RATLER member Karie Skogman showed up to sing one song with us.



The Silver Saddle

The "Magic Bus"

"ROADIE" comic

Kirksville, MO TV News video

RATLER Reunion with Steve Anderson's Sister Colleen and his daughter, Tona - 2004

RATLER Reunion with Mike Clair and Jeff Winsor - 2005


2009 LINKS: (Kevin's Band from Sept. 2005 to Sept. 2009) (Band Kevin was in, from Nov. 13, 2009-April 15, 2011)

Dan & Mitch (The Boogie Woogers)

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