Steve Anderson, Dan Boddicker, Jeff Winsor and Kevin Simnacher.

With the new lineup, "Atlantis" just didn't seem to fit anymore. After numerous attempts to find a name that Drummer Jeff Winsor didn't think was "gay", Jeff was asked to come up with something he liked.

Then one day when the other band members arrived for band rehearsal, they found the letters "R - A - T - L - E - R" cut out of cardboard and taped up on the wall". The new name agreed with everyone, so it stuck.




Once they worked up enough material, the band needed bookings. So they hired Steve Amos to act as booking manager.

This new band was "SMOKIN'"!

It was difficult to sell an "under-aged" group in venues that sell alcohol, so Amos eventually gave up, leaving the boys to fend for themselves.



Photos by Chris Young


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