Leaving for Colorado. Mitch covers the hickies from night before.

Catamount Recording Studio Parking Lot


Mitch found an old shell of a '69 Chevy/Bluebird school bus through the Benton Community Schools. It was perfect! All except it didn't have an engine. So Dan pulled it from Van Horne to Vinton behind his pickup truck and a suitable engine was procured from Rapids Chevrolet in Cedar Rapids. Dan used it for his high school Shop Class project.

The toughest job was removing all the seats. The bolts had all rusted and it was a real bearcat of a job to get under the bus to loosen them.

The next job was to paint the bus. Mitch and Dan painted it with MANY cans of black spray paint. It was kind of a nasty looking piece of work, but good enough for rock 'n roll...

On a 3 week stay at Boddicker's brother Tim's condo complex, we found a petition from the condo association to either remove the eyesore or put it in a garage!

It was re-painted later with blue paint and black trim. This new look seemed to gain much more respect. No one ever petitioned to have it removed again after that.


Russ Boyer contemplates leaving the farm, going on the road...


Mitch in his "tough-guy" stance


Catamount Recording Studio Parking Lot


Hey everybody! We have a BUS and you don't!

  Catamount Recording Studio Parking Lot

Look at the pussies in the well!


Mitch's slit

  Photo in Fred Hilker's Yard

Boulder Colorado, Parked at Tim Boddicker's Condo. The place where the condo assoc. petitioned to have the bus removed.

  Photo in Fred Hilker's Yard

On the Way to Hotel Sheraton to play Benton Community Prom

  Steve Johnson and Kevin Simnacher on the way to Sheraton Prom Gig

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